RockShox releases new Yari fork for 2016

New Yari fork, an updated Lyrik and Boost 110 compatability in the RockShox 2016 range

RockShox is releasing a brand new fork for 2016. The RockShox Yari is aimed squarely at the enduro market, covering the terrain currently occupied by the Lyrik and Pike, but at a lower price point and with shorter 120mm travel options. 


The brand is also updating the Lyrik for 2016, adding Boost 110 compatibility through a redesign that the company claims makes the fork stiffer and lighter. The popular Pike and BoXXer models get in on the act too, with the incorporation of Charger Damper and SKF seals for lower friction and longer service life. The Pike gains Torque Cap compatibility and Bottomless Token tuneability.

Torque Caps, a RockShox proprietary creation, give a larger interface between the dropout and hub end cap, which it claims gives a stiffer front end. All RockShox 15 x 110mm forks are compatible, as are the Rise XX, Rise 60, Roam 30, Roam 40, Rail 40 wheels and XO hubs.

RockShox is on the game with the advent of the new Boost axle sizes, as many of its most popular fork models will have Boost 110 options for 2016. This includes the 27.5 RockShox Pike, Lyrik and Yari and the 29.5 or 27.5+ SID, Reba, Pike, Lyrik and Yari forks.

RockShox Yari RC Solo Air

Rockshox introduce the new yari for 2016: rockshox introduce the new yari for 2016

US$700 / UK£560 / AUS$ TBC

The shorter-travel, lower cost companion to the Lyrik, the new Yari is aimed squarely at the enduro market, overlapping the terrain ambitions of both the Lyrik and Pike, at a cheaper price. 

Starting at 120mm of travel, the 35mm chassis Yari features a newly refined Motion Control damper, giving ‘Rapid Recovery’ rebound, which has retuned high-speed compression to match the Charger Damper.  

As with the new Lyrik, the Yari comes in both the Solo Air and Dual Position Air configuration and is available in 15 x 100 and Boost (15 x 110) versions. It also features the tapered legs and taller, stiffer brace featured in that model, and is Torque Cap compatible.

Rockshox Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air

The rockshox lyric rtc3: the rockshox lyric rtc3

US$1030 / UK£824 / AUS$ TBC

The newly updated Lyrik RCT3 Solo Air fork will catch the eye of riders who love the stiff, capable feel of the Pike but are looking for more travel in a future-proof package.

RockShox claims the new Lyrik gives ‘single crown weight and agility with dual crown strength and aggression’.

The 35mm chassis remains the same as the previous incarnation, and still features the Charger Damper, with an upgraded SKF cartridge seal meaning less friction and fewer trips to the workshop, according to RockShox. As before, the Lyrik comes in both Solo Air and Dual Position Air configurations.

A Boost 110 (15 x 110) compatible version alongside the 15 x 100 model is one of the main updates for 2015, along with tapered legs and a taller, stiffer brace, which RockShox says gives the optimum level of stiffness and lightness.


The Solo Air spring has been retuned with an additional negative volume, giving a plusher feel. Echoing the BoXXer, rebound damping can be tuned by the user via internal shims. Both the Solo Air and Dual Position Air are now Bottomless Token tuneable.