Rocky Mountain ‘Fro Riders’ inducted into Hall of Fame

Well-deserved recognition for freeride pioneers

Freeride pioneers Wade Simmons, Brett Tippie and Richie Schley are to be inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame.


The trio, who rode together under the Rocky Mountain Fro Riders banner in the late Nineties, introduced the world to a different style of riding, where the focus was on flowy style and big drops rather than Lycra-clad racing.

With their backgrounds in skiing, snowboarding and BMX, they “put the culture in and pull[ed] the competition out”, according to Canadian racer Andreas Hestler, who nominated them for induction.

“Now mom, dad and the kids can ride in loose fitting clothes and spend time on the bike together,” said Hestler. “Now shuttling up to a trailhead and whizzing down is okay. Viva the Fro Riders and the new attitude. Biking is for all, for fun…

“I’d like to nominate these three for the joint venture and strength it took to be who they wanted to be and stand up in the face of adversity to pioneer a new way of biking.”

Also being inducted are Mountain Bike Action photographer John Ker, Alan Bonds – who was involved in the original ‘klunker’ racing scene in Marin County, California, from which the modern mountain bike was born  – and Jim Wannamaker, of Kenda USA, who has been recognised for his work as an ambassador for the sport.

Wade simmons:
Sterling Lorence

Wade Simmons is showing no signs of slowing down at 36 years of age

Brett tippie:
Margus Riga

Brett Tippie is back riding after a break from the scene