Roger Rinderknecht injured during training session

Swiss GT team rider out for six weeks

Swiss four-cross rider Roger Rinderknecht has ended his season after breaking his arm during a training session at his local BMX course.


Rinderknecht explained how it happened: “In my last run of the day, I overshot the first double at the pro-section and pedalled as hard as I could to make it over the next double, which is the biggest of the course. At top speed I slipped out of the pedal right before the big double. I managed to jump, but got a quite bad spin and crashed hard into the landing”.

Rinderknecht broke his left upper arm as a result. He underwent surgery the next day to insert a marrow nail which was fixed with four screws. The Swiss GT rider will keep the nail for next season and get rid of it at the beginning of the 2010 winter break. According to his doctors, he will not be hampered by the nail and is expected to return to full fitness.

Unfortunately for Roger, he will likely slip down the UCI World Cup four-cross rankings, where he is currently ranked number three.

Ouch: ouch

Ouch – the marrow nail and four screws holding Rinderknecht’s upper left arm in place