Rotor LT-R power meter launched

Rotor launches LT-R power meter for right-leg only measurement

Rotor's LT-R power meter takes data from the right leg only

Rotor has added to its power meter line up with the new LT-R, a single-legged power meter that takes data from the driveside crank only.


The Rotor LT-R is essentially the same as the company’s left-side-only power meter, the Rotor LT, but was created by the Spanish company in response to demand for a unit that measures from the driveside, which better protects the battery compartment from potential damage – especially in cyclocross environments where roots and rocks could cause an issue. The LT-R costs £799 – US / AUS pricing is TBC, but we’d guess it’ll mirror the LT, which costs US$1,490 / AU$1,799 / €990.

Unfortunately for those looking to get into two-legged power in stages, a Rotor LT-R paired with an LT won’t offer left and right power data, as the full Power crankset uses a slave and master set-up to combine data before transmitting.

The Rotor LT-R is available now. Find out more at the Rotor website.

Note: an earlier version of this article said that the LT-R could be slotted onto a normal 3D+ non-driveside crank arm. Rotor has let us know this isn’t the case! The non-driveside LT-R axles have slots cut into the spline to clear wiring inside the driveside spider.


Our review of the Rotor LT will be online soon.