Rotor releases new 2INpower power meter

Now direct mount chainring compatible

ROTOR has just added the 2INpowerDM Road to its range of dual-sided power meters, which will use direct mount chainrings and provide individual power measurements for the left and right leg.


With direct mount chainrings, ROTOR has managed to save around 60g on traditional mounting hardware, such as bolts. The system now weighs a total of 775g.

ROTOR is well-known for its oval Q-Rings. The direct mount rings used here can be rotated on the mounting splines to find the position that maximises your pedalling efficiency.

Direct mount interface on the chainring lets you find the optimal chainring position (OCP)
Courtesy of Rotor

ROTOR has dubbed this Optimal Chainring Position (OCP) Mount technology. In fact, pairing the power meter with the ROTOR Power app can help confirm the optimum position of the OCP.

In addition, the smartphone app can give real-time feedback on your pedal stroke balance, cadence and efficiency, as well as the distribution of force throughout your pedal rotation.

The 2INpower power meter also pairs with an app
Courtesy of Rotor

We question whether you need yet another device cluttering your bars during your training, but no doubt this will be useful information to pore over after your rides.


The power meter will retail at €1,299.