Royal Racing jersey made from coffee beans

Recycled jerseys should reduce odour too

Rocal Racing's Java range not only looks like coffee, but it might smell like it too.

Royal Racing have released a new riding jersey which is made using fabric derived from coffee beans.


S-Café is a range of clothing made by Taiwanese eco-fashion company Singtex, who convert used coffee grounds into yarn. The fabric boasts enhanced wicking and odour control, and will be used on Royal’s Java range.

The fabric uses a patented process that recycles the remains of coffee granules, making them into a composite technical fibre. This fibre is then made into a yarn that can be woven to a fabric and is then ready to cut for a technical garment. “One medium cup of coffee can make two T-shirts,” according to the general manager of Singtex.

The S-Café fabric is ideal for cyclists, as it not only diffuses the moisture of sweat but the nano-sized coffee granules embedded in the fabric absorb the odour of the evaporating sweat. This odour is then released when it is washed. The particles also give the rider natural UV protection and dries extremely quick.

Royal Racing’s chief designer, Nick Bayliss, said: “Our testing of the prototypes proved that the hype around it is more than justified. If you want to ride in a jersey all day and not smell like the inside of an old kitbag, you need to get some Java on your back. It’s also incredibly environmentally friendly.”


The new range will be available to see at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany, and is expected in stores soon.