RPM2 launches footbed-based power meter

Medical device company partners with Cylance Pro Cycling team for launch

RPM2 measures power with footbeds, for runners or cyclists

The power-meter market continues to explode.


The latest entrant, RPM2, is a $629 footbed-based meter from a medical device company. The product is targeted at runners and cyclists. This isn’t to be confused with the Luck shoe-sole-based power meter or the Brim Brothers’ meter that goes on your shoe

“We saw a unique niche for a remote, wearable product that could help athletes achieve optimal performance,” RPM2 CEO Johnny Ross said in a press release. “Through gait analysis and distribution assessment, we can use our technology to mitigate injury and see where muscular breakdowns occur.”

The RPM2 can measure at four places on each insole, offering left/right data as well as overall power.

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RPM2 works on ANT+ and Bluetooth, according to the company.  

The Cyclance Pro Cycling team in the US has partnered with the company for promotion and product development.


In related news, the cost on power meters continues to fall, with Stages, Quarq, Pioneer and even SRM lowering their prices as the market becomes more competitive.