Rubbish bike shed recognised as one of the most secure ever

Police initiative gives approval to shed made from recycled landfill

A shed made from reclaimed landfill materials has been recognised by the police as one of the most secure bike sheds ever.


The thief resistant DaylightSecure Max, developed by Nigel Broderick after his wooden shed was raided and his bikes nabbed, has been accredited with the Secured by Design, a police sponsored initiative to promote crime thwarting design.

The shed has a thief-repelling double door system fitted with multi-point locking bolts and is hung in a metal frame. It also has a clear fibreglass roof to let the light in and is constructed from something called TPR, short for Thermo Poly Rock, which is based on materials recovered from landfill – and that makes it a sustainable alternative to a bricks-and-mortar shed.

Brodco’s daylight secure max is perfect for storing bikes : brodco’s daylight secure max is perfect for storing bikes

It’s expensive and heavy though. The shed comes in three sizes ranging from 182x121cm (6x4ft) to 182x240cm (6x8ft) and weighs between 868kg (1,913lb) and 1,126kg (2,482lb). DaylightSecure Max prices start at £1,699 and reach £2,266. 


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