Sabbath to launch new titanium models at Cycle Show

Three bikes from British company

UK company Sabbath Bicycles will unveil three new titanium models at this week’s 2009 London Cycle Show – the Silk Emperor, Silk Road Alp and

Silk Route


Sabbath have reduced weight and increase stiffness on the top-of-the-range Silk Emperor by using a cold working process, allowing for thinner tube walls and larger weld sites with no heat damage.

The Silk Road Alp is a new sportive-specific bike which sits next to the company’s overhauled Silk Road Pro model. A new touring model, the Silk Route, will also be on display at the show.

Company owner Greg Roche told BikeRadar: “We’ve put a vast amount of time and effort into developing materials processes, allowing us to manipulate ride characteristics of the range. The net result is that we’ve developed our own tubesets from scratch.

“That’s allowed the actual frame designs to move forward because we’ve not been restricted by existing manufacturing capability. We’ve applied the principles across the range and the result is a lighter, potentially stiffer frame which we can fine-tune to an individual’s ride feel requirements.”

The Cycle Show takes place at

Earls Court

from 9-11 October. We’ll bring you more details and prices on the new bikes after the show. For now, take a look at the photos in the gallery.