Sam Hill components from Nukeproof – just in

Signature downhill cockpit, saddle and seatpost

Nukeproof have worked with five-time downhill world champion Sam Hill to produce a range of signature DH components.


The new parts include a motocross-inspired saddle, an inline seatpost, plus an entire direct-mount downhill cockpit setup including grips. Each bit of kit gets unique detailing at the very least, with a white/grey/yellow pinstripe theme, while other parts have been designed from the ground up as per Hill’s specifications.


Hill was given the opportunity to produce an entirely custom handlebar, but Nukeproof already produced a model to the specifications he wanted. As a result, his signature version is identical (graphics aside) to Nukeproof’s existing 760mm alloy riser handlebar. That means a 9-degree backsweep, 6-degree upsweep and a choice of a 20mm or 38mm rise. 

That also means that Nukeproof don’t command a premium for this signature component. It retails at a fair £44.99 and tipped our scales at 295g.

Both the signature handlebar and stem are priced in line with the non-signature versions: both the signature handlebar and stem are priced in line with the non-signature versions
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
Direct-mount stem

Another component that’s seen rebranding is Nukeproof’s direct-mount stem. Aside from additional pinstripe detailing and Sam Hill’s signature graphics, this component remains unchanged from the company’s standard Warhead model.

That’s no bad thing, though – it’s a tried and tested design that will work with most major dual crown downhill forks and uses a 45mm reach. We weighed our sample at 131g. Once again, the price stays inline with the non-signature componentry, at £59.99.

Direct mount stem is identical to the standard warhead model, bar the signature decals: direct mount stem is identical to the standard warhead model, bar the signature decals
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing
Mud saddle

One component that’s been designed from the ground up is the Mud saddle. It’s very much a downhill specific part, with an extra short 255mm length and a narrow 127mm width introduced in order to maximise clearance and manoeuvrability on the bike. 

The most distinctive part of the design is the pleated top cover – something inspired by the seat on Hill’s motorcross bike. It’s made from a tough, durable Lorica material, and the idea is that this section improves grip during wet and muddy conditions. It’s certainly better looking than Hill’s last signature saddle, from SDG.

Rails are made from the same CrN/ti alloy compound as found on Nukeproof’s other saddles. Combined with minimal padding, these add up to an impressive weight of just 232g. 

The saddle is built to last, though – Kevlar scuff guards should hold up nicely in a crash, while the Lorica sections are also tear resistant. It’ll set you back £59.99.

Sam hill signature mud saddle:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

The signature grips have a similar story to the saddle. They’ve been produced to Hill’s exact specification, meaning a super-tacky compound, a fatter body and a half-waffle section as frequently seen on motocross grips. 

Two small Sam Hill signatures protrude from the diamond texture pattern, and the aluminium lockrings get custom etching. The overall width of these is 135mm. They’re 124g a pair and will set you back £21.99.

Sam hill grips:

The seatpost is another familiar-looking component, but it does differ from Nukeproof’s regular aluminium inline post. It wears the pinstripe signature series colours and features a one-piece shaft and lower clamp section that pairs to a cold-forged clamp head. 

It’s available in a 400mm length with the choice of 30.9mm or 31.6mm diameters, and tipped our scales at 275g. That’ll be £49.99.

Not even the seatpost escapes the pinstripe treatment:
Oli Woodman/Future Publishing

These parts will be arriving in about a fortnight, via distributors Hotlines in the UK. For more information see