Sam Pilgrim’s gear on display at museum

Exhibition features slopestyle star's helmet and pads

UK dirt jumper and slopestyle star Sam Pilgrim is used to pulling off astonishing displays of aerial gymnastics to dazzle the public.


But now it’s his helmet that is taking centre stage.

The signed TSG Evolution pisspot, which features Sam’s trademark leopardskin motif, is on display at the Museum of Design in Plastics in Poole, Dorset.

Also featured in a new exhibition called Winning With Plastics are Sam’s TSG AM Kevlar knee/shin pads.

The gear is in the ‘Protect’ section of the exhibition in a display case which is laid out like a body and shows examples of sports protection, from the head to the feet.

Matt Andrews, sales and marketing manager at Ison Distribution Ltd, which distributes TSG products in the UK, said: “We’d like to thank Louise Dennis, assistant curator, for the use of TSG products in the exhibition.”


Sam, of Team Ashton/Diamondback, had a successful 2008, winning the final round of the Qashqai series on London’s South Bank and the Adidas slopestyle event in Austria.

It is part of a new sports exhibition, winning with plastics: it is part of a new sports exhibition, winning with plastics