Sam Reynolds’ December training video

British dirt jump star doing his thing – on carbon rims

We’ve just been sent another video of Sam Reynolds hitting up his local jump spots on his new DMR 898 team bike.


Most of the finishing kit is standard pro dirt jump stuff – Fox 36 Float forks cut down to 100mm and plenty of DMR kit, including V12 Mag pedals with titanium axles, Cult cranks and Super Moto folding tyres.

But yes, those are carbon rims he’s running – lightweight Reynolds MTN Cs to be precise. The total bike build comes to over £2,700.

Anyway, here’s Sam doing what he does best in a video filmed by Ryan Nangle:

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And here’s a pic of Sam lifting his bike. Is the bike light or has Sam been working on his guns?

Sam lifting his 898:
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