Sam Reynolds takes the win at MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational

Massive final move seals the deal for youngster

The final of the MBUK Dirt Jump Invitational took place this afternoon (31 May) during a sunny BikeRadar Live at Donington Park.


Seventeen-year-old Sam Reynolds took the win ahead of Sam Pilgrim and Lance McDermott.

Only select riders were chosen for the comp which had a winner-takes-all prize of £5,000.

A group of more than 20 riders were whittled down to just 10 who took part in the final on a sun-soaked, slightly breezy day.

The group were: Danny Pace, Blake Sampson, Jamie Johnson, Lance McDermott, Daryl Brown, Grant ‘Chopper’ Fielder, Sam Pilgrim, Jamie Goldman, Ray Sampson and Sam Reynolds.

Riders were scored over two runs of the massive jumps by a team of judges including UK freeride star and Corsair rider Chris Smith, Jim Davage and MBUK magazine’s Doddy.

Highlights from the first run included MacMahone rider Jamie Johnson’s no-hander superman on the penultimate jump, Chopper’s X-up on the third followed by a tail whip on the fourth and 2008 Qashqai Challenge winner Lance McDermott pulling out a novocaine followed by a massive flip whip on the last two jumps.

Watch Sam Reynolds’ winning run now, courtesy of Ian Hill:

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The crowd love free stuff: the crowd love free stuff
Matthew Cole/

The huge crowd were fans of the riders… and the free stuff being given out!

Things hotted up in the second round and although the wind caused problems for some riders – Santa Cruz Syndicate rider Jamie Goldman crashed out on his second run – the noise from the crowd got louder and the moves got bigger.

Danny Pace’s backflip to front flip on the last two sent the crowd wild, and Sam Pilgrim took time out of the Animal Relentless Bike Tour to wow the crowds with a tailwhip, 3X to flip-X combo. Grant Fielder crashed out at the start of the course, only managing a tail whip on the first jump.

Undoubtedly the most impressive rider on the day was 17-year-old DMR rider Sam Reynolds. The crowd went beserk when he finished his second run with a flip to 720. Fellow riders ran to congratulate him, and the name of the winner was a foregone conclusion.  

Reynolds said: “The wind picked up so the final was sketchy, the track was good with nice big jumps so the riders could show off their big tricks. The flip to 720 definitely sealed the deal!”

He added: “I’ve got an exam in biology tomorrow but that doesn’t matter any more! I’ll definitely be back to defend my title at BikeRadar Live 2010.”

Lance mcdermott, sam reynolds, sam pilgrim: lance mcdermott, sam reynolds, sam pilgrim
Dave Caudry

(Left to right) Lance McDermott, Sam Reynolds and Sam Pilgrim

Will longden’s beautifully crafted trails proved to be as insane as it looked.: will longden’s beautifully crafted trails proved to be as insane as it looked.
Sam Eaton

Will Longden’s sun baked trails were surrounded by  a crowd of supportive fans

Tuck no-hander: tuck no-hander
Sam Eaton

Spectators were amazed as the riders continued to step up the skill level

Pilgrim’s notoriously sick no hander flip.: pilgrim’s notoriously sick no hander flip.
Sam Eaton

Sam Pilgrim throws down a clicked no hander flip

Ray samson throws down a fully clicked superman: ray samson throws down a fully clicked superman
Sam Eaton

Ray Samson and a fully extended superman

Sam reynolds front flip 1:
Sam Eaton

This sequence shows Sam Reynolds’ awesome frontflip

Sam reynolds front flip 2:
Sam Eaton
Sam reynolds front flip 3:
Sam Eaton
Sam reynolds front flip 4:
Sam Eaton
Sam reynolds front flip 5:
Sam Eaton
Sam reynolds front flip 6:
Sam Eaton