Samsung launch laser guided bike – video

Well, bike that projects a cycle lane around the cyclist

Samsung laser projected bike lane

If you’re tired of waiting for the local authorities to build a bike lane on your commute, you need a laser.  


That’s the concept – and we think it’s destined to remain as such – behind the Samsung’s Smart Bike, which tries to make the cyclist safer by projecting the outline of a bike lane around the cyclist. A rear-facing camera is also built into the seatstay cluster to monitor driving behind the rider.

And, of course, an integrated Samsung phone provides a measure of interactivity with the bike.

We can see top brass at cycling charities rolling their eyes at the very idea of taking bike lanes with you.

The smart bike project – the base is a good looking urban cruiser – has come out of the Maestros Academy, an initiative co-founded by Samsung to promote Italian design.

There’s a video of the bike in action – well, the lasers being laser-like – here:

The samsung smar tbike

Video: The Samsung Smart bike in action


Lasers have been integrated in bike safety equipment before, including the Blaze light which projects the cyclist’s presence out of the blind spot into the road in front of the driver.