Samsung show off odd Galaxy Tab bike with tablet holder

"Ultimate accessory"?

Samsung have shown off what they’re calling ‘the ultimate Galaxy Tab 10.1 accessory’ which is a custom made road bike with a ‘top-of-the-range’ tablet holder.


If you’ve ever gone into a bike shop thinking ‘I desperately need a branded bike that allows me to put a tablet sideways between my legs’ then this will definitely be the ultimate accessory for you. Everybody else will probably look at the picture and say: “whaaaaa?”, but maybe we’re missing something.

Samsung explain: “The detachable Tab holder positioned in the triangular frame is made from quality carbon fibre featuring the same carbon specification used on F1 cars and has a fantastic strength-to-weight ratio.”

Better than a bag?

“This means the holder is light yet robust – making it perfect for moving your Tab 10.1 with ease and in style,” add Samsung. “Accessible from the side, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 holder allows for the device to be used easily while on the move.

“Applications such as dashboards tracking mileage, route planners and repair instructions for punctures can be downloaded from the Android Marketplace to enhance everyday cycling routes or more adventurous trips – a handy addition for any cyclist.”

We’ll keep an eye out for reports of mysterious accidents from cyclists trying to peer between their own legs to see where they are going.

Which one of these is the accessory?: which one of these is the accessory?

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