Santa Cruz expands Hightower sizing

Small and XXL sizes now available, still no official word on a longer-travel version

Santa Cruz is updating the Hightower with two additional frame sizes. As of today, short and very tall riders will have the ability to purchase the Hightower in sizes small and XXL.

The full Hightower size range in 29 and 27.5+ modes
Gary Perkin

While the increased range of sizing options is good, many riders are also interested to learn if Santa Cruz plans to offer a longer-travel kit for the Hightower. 

Some Hightower owners have replaced the stock 200x51mm shock with a 200x57mm version. This longer stroke shock increases the rear travel from 135mm to approximately 150mm. It also brings the rear tire precariously close the the seat tube under full compression and, as you might have guessed, voids the warranty. 

Santa Cruz-sponsored racers on the Enduro World Series have been spotted using what looks to be a new link, which may give riders a bump in rear travel.


The company remains tight lipped about any plans to bring this link or a longer-travel 29er to market. Given the increasing popularity of bikes like the Specialized Enduro 29, Trek Slash 29 and Evil’s The Wreckoning, the demand for big wheeled beasts is growing.