Santa Cruz goes metal for 2017

Lower price alloy Bronson, 5010 and Tallboy

For 2017 Santa Cruz is adding aluminum versions of its popular Bronson, 5010 and Tallboy models that feature Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension. The Californian company has a few more highlights coming up for the next year.


Aluminum makes Santa Cruz bikes more affordable

Remember aluminum? That light, stiff, easily manipulated wonder metal of the ’90s? Well, turns out it still makes a very nice bike. Plus, it’s a lot more affordable than carbon. The 130mm 5010 aluminum, 110mm Tallboy aluminum and Highball 27.5 carbon can now be had for $2,599, while the little-bit-rowdier 150mm Bronson aluminum starts at $2,999. UK and AU pricing was not immediately available.

The 5010 aluminum has 27.5 wheels

The Tallboy is available in 12 different builds spread between two carbon frames, the heavier C and the lighter, spendier CC, as well as an aluminum version. The Tallboy is also dual wheel size compatible, ready and willing for 29″ hoops or 27.5+ action. 

Aluminum Tallboys have four build kits to choose from, all under $3000

Plentiful build kit options

All SRAM X01 and XX1 kits are now Eagle, which means a 1×12 drivetrain and the mega range it delivers. On the base level D kit, SRAM’s new NX makes an appearance, bumping that build up to 1×11. The options continue with 1x and 2x drivetrains available on the mid-level R kit with NX on the R1x, and Shimano’s SLX comprising the R2x set up. Whichever build kit suits your riding or wallet, it’s nice to see quality RockShox and Fox suspension on all the groups.

Updated colors

Santa Cruz has been on the forefront of colorways for awhile (at least in my opinion), and with this recent spec update, they chose some new hues to keep their bikes looking on point.

  • 5010 – Gloss Red & Mint; Matte Carbon & Yellow
  • Bronson – Slate Blue & Orange; Matte Carbon & Slate Blue
  • Highball 27.5 & 29 – Grey & Red; Matte Carbon & White
  • Stigmata – Yellow & Mint; Matte Carbon & Slate Blue
The Stigmata is offered in two colors and two carbon frame options

US pricing (UK and AU not yet available)

  • 5010 aluminum: D $2,599; R1x $2,999; R2x $2,999; S $3,899; Frame $1,899
  • Bronson aluminum: R1x $2,999; S $3,899; Frame $1,899
  • Tallboy aluminum: D $2,599; R1x $2,999; R2x $2,999; D+ $2,699; Frame $1,899

Pricing and full specifications can be found at