Santa Cruz launches sixth generation V10

Storied DH rig gets 27.5in wheels, adjustable geometry

Santa Cruz Bicycles has just rolled out the latest version of its world cup-winning V10. Important changes include 27.5in wheels and revised geometry.


Santa Cruz spent the last two seasons fine-tuning the sixth generation of the V10 with input from Syndicate racers Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland.

Quite predictably, the latest version of the V10 rolls on 27.5in wheels, though version 6.0 ushers in many other significant updates.

The company has abandoned the two-position travel settings found on version 5.0. According to Santa Cruz, Syndicate racers preferred the shorter, 216mm (8.5in) position over the longer 254mm (10in) option. The company figured that if it was good enough for its world cup racers, then it should suit weekend warriors, too, so the new rig features 216mm (8.5in) outback.

The V10’s shock rate has also been tuned to be less progressive than the previous version to deliver more consistent damping throughout the stroke. 

While adjustable travel is no longer an option, the new V10 does offer adjustable geometry. In the high position the V10 has a 64-degree headtube and a bottom bracket height of 360mm (14.2in). The low position slackens the front end to 63.5 degrees and lowers to bottom bracket to 353mm (13.9in).

Santa Cruz has also made the cockpit a bit roomier, increasing reach across the four frame sizes.

The full-carbon V10 is now offered in two different carbon builds. Introduced earlier this year for bikes such as the Bronson, Tallboy and 5010, Santa Cruz offers its carbon models in  ‘Carbon’ and ‘Carbon C’ level frames.

According to Santa Cruz, the difference between the Carbon and Carbon C frames is the modulus of the carbon used. The lighter, more expensive Carbon C frames get top shelf carbon, while the more affordable and slightly heavier carbon frames use a more pedestrian mix of composites. (We’re waiting to hear back from Santa Cruz as the exact weight difference between the V10 C and V10 CC frames.)

Complete V10 Carbon builds start at US$5,699. The premium V10 Carbon C builds start at US$8,799.

For riders wanting to build it from the ground-up, Santa Cruz will offer the V10 Carbon CC frame with a Fox DHX RC4 or the Rockshox Vivid R2C shock. Both frame with shock options will set buyers back US$3,599. (UK and Australian pricing was not immediately available.)

The V10 is currently available for purchase at select Santa Cruz retailers.


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