Santa take note – The Riprock is Specialized’s awesome new junior fat bike

What child would be disappointed with this?

A few of us can probably still remember the excitement of getting our first proper bike at Christmas, a sleepless night awaiting Santa’s delivery. Imagine then, that your younger self would’ve been able to unwrap one of these beasts on Christmas day. We’re talking about the Riprock, a junior fat bike from Specialized, and one that we think will rinse the pockets of Santa worldwide.


Whether you plump for the 20-inch or 24inch wheeled version, the Riprock arrives with massive own-brand 2.8in tyres, meaning that, unless Daddy or Mummy is into fat bikes, then this lucky kid will end up having the biggest tyres in the household.

There’s good thinking behind those ultra-wide treads too, kids’ should be able to enjoy additional traction, comfort and stability over what regular tyres would deliver. The only disadvantage we can think of is when a child inevitably discovers the awesomeness of a rear brake, the little Riprock might take some serious commitment to skid!

Specialized riprock 20 boys:

Why didn’t bikes like this exist when we were younger?

The Riprock is properly well equipped too. Its ultra-low standover alloy frame is paired to a Suntour suspension fork and there are even cable disc brakes at each wheel. A twist at the grip shifter of the flat bar cockpit will sift through either 7 or 8 cogs depending on the chosen wheelsize.

Weight is pretty important to a young’un and despite the absence of any claimed weights at present, we’d wager the mostly alloy Riprock shouldn’t be too much of a brute to move around.


The Riprock will land soon at Specialized dealers, with the 20in version starting at £350 / $450 and the 24in bike starting at £370 / $500. (AU pricing has not yet been announced.) We just wish we were that young again.