Santini Fiorenzo Magni Giro d’Italia jerseys – first look

Plus Interactive, Activent, and Active Air kit details

The Giro d’Italia lost one of its old heroes in Fiorenzo Magni, who passed away last year at the age of 91. Santini pays homage to the Italian great with two new jerseys for the coming season.


The new Fiorenzo Magni commemorative jersey sports a distinctly retro look, complete with a smooth brushed-finish wool/polyester blend fabric, classic colors and patterns, a knit collar, and buttons on the traditional three-pocket layout. Magni’s name is proudly printed on the front and rear, along with the years he won the race: 1948, 1951, and 1955.

This year’s official maglia rosa – designed by Paul Smith – pays homage as well but in a more subtle way: Magni’s name is printed on the inside of the collar. Otherwise, the jersey has a classic look, complete with a subtle red trim on the right sleeve and hem, plus Paul Smith’s trademark colors on the other arm. Mesh sides should come in handy during a typical Italian summer, too.

Santini is the official jersey supplier for this year’s giro d’italia:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Santini is the official jersey supplier for this year’s Giro 

New aero and vent tech

It’s not all Giro d’Italia for Santini this year, its new Interactive kit going with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. Aerodynamic efficiency is the key goal, with a very trim fit, highly stretchable fabrics, and smooth-cut arm and leg openings. 

Going down a similar route to the one Castelli has taken with its innovative Sanremo Speedsuit, Santini has attached the rear of the jersey and shorts but with a short zipper instead of a permanent stitch.

The net effect is the same, though: by attaching the rear of the two garments together, Santini can make the Interactive tighter and stretchier while keeping it in place on the rider’s body.

Santini’s new interactive kit is designed to offer the aerodynamics of a skinsuit but the convenience of a separate jersey and shorts:
James Huang/Future Publishing

The aerodynamics of a skinsuit with the practicality of separate shorts and jersey

Santini also makes clever use of zippers on the new Activent System wind jacket – they run down the entire length of the side to open and close mesh vents. This not only allows airflow through the sides of the garment but also relaxes the fit for even more ventilation at lower speeds.

Yet another clever venting treatment is found on the Active Air Intake winter jacket. Santini says the tech was inspired by the active grill shutters on the latest high-efficiency cars. Overlapping panels on the back of the jacket, just behind the shoulders, are designed to open and close based on rider position. They’re pulled tightly closed when the rider is stretched out on the drops but open up progressively as you sit more upright. 

The overlapping vents on the back of the santini active air intake jacket are designed to open and close based on riding position. they’re pulled closed when you’re hunched over the drops but open up when you’re sitting more upright (like on a climb) and are likely to need more ventilation:
James Huang/Future Publishing

Overlapping vents on the back of the Active Air Intake jacket


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