Santos concept bike geared for roadies

Road geometry with belt drive and Rohloff internals

Dutch company Santos unveiled a concept bike at the BikeMotion show in Utrecht, Holland last weekend.


The SRR05 is an aluminium framed road bike with a belt drive and a Rohloff internally geared hub – similar to the one used by James Bowthorpe in his round-the-world record-breaking ride.

Unlike Bowthorpe’s strictly-for-touring Travelmaster, the SRR05 is geared towards speed rather than load bearing.

Santos’s Robbert Rutgrink told BikeRadar that the SRR05 was a result of interest being expressed in a bike for “winter training, fast commuting, the odd sportive, light credit card touring and a general all-round bike for people with limited storage space at home”.

The belt drive and rohloff hub: the belt drive and rohloff hub

The belt drive and Rohloff hub

A grip shift to change gears: a grip shift to change gears

A handlebar mounted grip-shifter is used to change gears

The aluminium frame is coupled with a carbon front fork to create a not-too-aggressive geometry. Santos have made it easier to change the belt by including a removable section near the dropout, as opposed to the cutout in the seatstay found on Bowthorpe’s bike.

Changing gears is done via a grip-shifter on the end of one of the handlebar drops. The frame is eyeleted for front and rear mudguards, and will take a lightweight Santos rear rack (made by Tubus) with a capacity of 10kg.

The bike as pictured weighs 9.9kg (21.8lb), which makes it one of the lightest ever Rohloff hub equipped bikes.

Rutgrink said the SRR05 was well received at the BikeMotion show, adding: “The versatility of being able to add a rear rack and mudguards is finding a lot of favour as well as the low maintenance appeal with the Rohloff and belt.”

But he stressed that it was still a concept machine. Whether the SRR05 will make it into full production remains to be seen.


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