Sauser to use elliptical rings for 2009?

World champ spotted on Rotor 2x9 set-up

Reigning mountain bike world champion, Switzerland’s Christophe Sauser is well-known for his obsession with all things technical: if there is any advantage to be gained by a change in equipment or minor tweak, chances are that he will use it. 


Based on recent spy photos, Sauser has been continuing with his experimental ways with a pair of distinctive breaks from his usual tried-and-true equipment setup. 

Sauser appears to be among the latest converts in the non-round chainring movement as his two-ring Specialized S-Works crank is now fitted with a pair of 2×9-specific Rotor Q-Rings.  

In addition, his long-preferred Crankbrothers Eggbeater 4Ti pedals have apparently been swapped for Look’s new Quartz, at least for now.

Sauser was decidedly coy when asked about the substitutions: “Yes, I was testing those products, but nothing is definite yet,” he said.

Even so, the rings in the images clearly have a lot of wear on them so it seems that Sauser has been testing them quite extensively.  Will this stuff make the final cut heading into ’09?  We’ll have to wait and see.