This anonymous anti-disc zealot still wants to ‘Save the Rim Brake’

Yet more stickers arrive at BikeRadar HQ in mysterious anonymised package

This anonymous anti-disc zealot still wants to 'Save the Rim Brake'

Save the Rim Brake is an anonymous Instagram account that popped up following the original announcement in 2017 that British Cycling would allow discs to be used in road racing from 1 January 2018.


At the time, after a coded direct message, I received four stickers from this radicalised rim-braker in the mail.

Two years on, with BikeRadar’s new address somehow procured, another clutch of anti-disc stickers has arrived on my desk.

Of course, this anti-disc fanatic is preaching to the unconverted – I wrote an article in defence of rim brakes in 2017 and, to this day, still use them, even going as far as building a long-term test bike with thoroughly outmoded rim squidgers.

Though extensive snooping has thrown up a few clues – I am the BikeRadar snooper in chief after all – this anti-disc zealot is yet to be positively identified.

The stickers can be had for just 25p from Etsy and you can keep up to date with the #savetherimbrake campaign on Instagram.

When I originally wrote this article, I predicted that the comments section would get typically heated and I was so right – nothing seems to boil the collective clams of readers more than the now age-old rim vs disc debate. If you plan on contributing I urge you, dear reader, to please remember to keep it clean.


An earlier version of this article was first published in August 2017