Schwalbe and Syntace unveil dual chamber tire system

Inner and outer chambers provide snakebite resistance and greater grip

Schwalbe and Syntace partner up on dual chamber tyre system

Tire manufacturer Schwalbe and wheel maker Syntace have unveiled details of a new dual chamber tire system which promises greater traction and control while reducing the likelihood of snake-bites, dented rims, rolling and burping tires.


The dual chamber design, which is still a tubeless system, allows the chamber closest the rim to be inflated to higher pressures to keep the tire tight to the rim and to provide a buffer against puncture-causing impacts. Meanwhile, the outer chamber can be inflated to very low pressures (as low as 14psi), which reduces rolling resistance over uneven ground while providing greater traction.

Markus Hachmeyer, senior product manager at Schwalbe said: “One can hardly risk riding on standard MTB tires with less than 20psi, because the risk of snake-bites is simply too great.”

The system hasn’t been perfected yet and Schwalbe and Syntace – who were working independently on the idea – will present more details at Eurobike. However they are confident the system will be compatible with conventional tires and rims and weigh less than 200g.

Schwalbe and syntace partner up on dual chamber tyre system: schwalbe and syntace partner up on dual chamber tyre system

The rims will use two valves, one for each chamber