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Schwalbe introduces faster, lighter and grippier G-One R gravel tyre

Schwalbe’s gravel range gains souplesse

Schwalbe G-One R gravel tyre

Schwalbe has launched a new lighter, faster, grippier (and pricier) gravel tyre called the G-One R.

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The new G-One R sits at the top of the brand’s range of gravel bike tyres and pulls in tech previously only found on the Pro One line of road tyres.

The biggest difference from the standard G-One, which comes in Allround, Bite, Ultrabite and Speed variations, is in the sidewalls, which use Schwalbe’s semi-transparent ‘super-race’ carcass (Schwalbe refers to this as a ‘Souplesse construction’).

The result, according to Schwalbe, is a much more pliable carcass, which offers superior rolling resistance and, in turn, makes for a faster tyre.

• The G-One R is Schwalbe’s new top-of-the-range gravel tyre

• The semi-transparent sidewall comes from the Pro One road tyre

• Lower rolling resistance, less weight, improved cornering grip

• Aimed at riders who split their gravel rides 60% dirt and 40% tarmac

• Tubeless and 700c only

• Weighs 487g for the 40c tyre (weighed) and 520g for the 45c version (claimed)

The sidewalls also feature a three-layer construction for improved impact protection and better protection against cuts than the brand’s own G-One Allroad.

Gone also is the dimpled tread pattern of the Allroad, replaced by a new tread with a boomerang-shaped pattern running through the centre of the tyre, with much more pronounced, angled side lugs for improved cornering grip. Underneath the tread, you’ll find Schwalbe’s V-Guard strip to add puncture protection.

Schwalbe G-One R gravel tyre
Schwalbe says the G-One R is for fast gravel riding, with a mix of 60% dirt and 40% tarmac.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

Tyre choice is critical when it comes to gravel bike setup and Schwalbe tells us the G-One R is aimed at riders looking for a tyre that’s ideal for light off-road terrain, gravel roads and tarmac (they say a 60/40 split between gravel and road).

In other words, the performance characteristics are aimed at not slowing you down on the tarmac yet still allowing you to let rip when you hit the dirt. We’ve got a pair here for test, so we’ll let you know how these hold up when it comes to gravel riding.

Otherwise, the new tyre is available in Scwalbe’s TLE (Tubeless Easy) construction, in two 700c sizes: 700 x 40mm (1.5in) or 700 x 45mm (1.7in).

The 40mm tyre has a maximum pressure of 65psi/4.5 bar, while the 45mm option has a maximum stated pressure of 55psi/4bar.

Claimed weight is 520g for the 45m tyre, while the 40mm tyre we have here tips our scales at 487g.

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Finally, the new Schwalbe G-One R is priced at £69.99 / €69.90 / $87.99 per tyre.