Schwinn launch $60 bike sat nav

Budget bike computer gives turn-by-turn instructions

The Schwinn CycleNav: cheap, simple bike navigation

Looking for a cheap cycle sat nav to get around the city? American bike brand Schwinn has been showing off its new $60 (about £36) CycleNav at the CES 2014 trade show.


The cheap-as-chips computer clips to your handlebars and indicates which way you should turn using three flashing lights and spoken instructions.

An app on your iOS or Android Smartphone delivers instructions to the bar-mounted CycleNav via Bluetooth.

Schwinn plan to start shipping the CycleNav in March.


With a claimed 10-hour rechargeable battery life, it looks like an ideal urban navigation tool. Without putting one to the test, the only drawback we can see is availability – it will only be available in the US, although other countries will be added later, reports Cnet.