Scicon launches pro-level Aerowing and Aeroshade glasses in time for Tour

Two new sets of shades to debut at this year’s Tour de France

Aerowing (top) and Aeroshade (bottom) sunglasses from Scicon

Scicon is the number one brand in bike bags and cases, and more pro-tour teams and riders are seen travelling with bikes protected by the Italian brand’s luggage than any other.


In more recent times, it’s branched out into sunglasses and we we’re very impressed with its first model, the Aerocomfort, which had an excellent fit and are some of the most adaptable photochromatic glasses on the market – scoring them 4 stars.

Aerowing (top) and Aeroshade (bottom) sunglasses from Scicon
The Aerowing (top) and Aeroshade (bottom).
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

These two new models are set to be used by three of Scicon’s sponsored WorldTour teams at this year’s Tour: UAE Team Emirates, Israel Start-up Nation and NTT Pro Cycling.

Both the Aeroshade and Aerowing models follow the current trend for retro-influenced, shield-shaped lenses with modern lens technology and materials.

Scicon Aerowing glasses

The Aerowing is the more minimal of the two designs, seeing a half frame with highly sprung arms and adjustable temple tips clad in a hydrophobic sticky rubber. The vented lenses have a laser-etched bottom edge to prevent accidental chips and scrapes on the lens finish.

The lens is 53mm at its deepest and our test sample weighs 32.3g on our scales. There are plenty of options with three different frames options – gloss black, gloss white, and crystal (clear) – and six lens options: multi-mirror red, multi-mirror blue, multi-mirror bronze, multi-mirror silver (pictured), photochromatic and clear (also included).

Scicon claims the SCN-PP lens offers high-velocity impact protection and ‘True-vision’ design, where the lens is shaped to offer a distortion-free view throughout the lens due to its cylindrical shape, both vertically and horizontally, keeping the distance from the eye equal.

Scicon launches pro-level Aerowing and Aeroshade
The zipped protective bag also doubles up as a saddle pack.
Warren Rossiter / Immediate Media

The Aerowing comes with a second clear lens, a soft cleaning bag (with a pouch built in for the second lens) and a protective zipped case that doubles up as a quality saddle pack with a wraparound Velcro strap that’s long enough to thread through saddle rails.

  • Aerowing price: £160 / €180 / $215 / AU$300 / CA$285

Scicon Aeroshade glasses

The Aeroshade is a bigger, more substantial design and weighs 39.4g. The lens is deeper at 60mm at its deepest and is protected by large rubber bumpers on the base of the lens.

The lens shares the same technology as the Aerowing and is heavily vented across the brow. The fit of the Aeroshade is one of the most adaptable we’ve tried, with the arms having adjustable rubberised tips, like the Aerowing, but a nosepiece that offers three positions of width adjustment and, cleverly, 4mm vertical adjustment, which Scicon calls ‘Horizon adjust’. This means you can tune the position of the glasses on your face.

Like the Aerowing, Scicon has put together a good package with a clear lens, soft cleaning bag, and zipped protective case cum saddle pack.

There are three different frame options available: gloss black, gloss white, and crystal (clear).

Lens options are multi-mirror red (pictured), multi-mirror blue, multi-mirror bronze, multi-mirror silver, photochromatic and clear (also included).

  • Aeroshade price: £170 / €190 / $225 / AU$310 / CA$300