Science in Sport GO Hydro tablets and gels get caffeine boost

SiS Rego protein bar also launched

Science in Sport GO + Caffeine Cola gel, Go Hydro + Caffeine Cola tablets and REGO Protein bar

Sports nutrition specialists Science in Sport have released a batch of new products including a caffeine-spiked effervescent electrolyte tablet and gel, and a protein bar under its popular Rego brand.


The cola flavoured SiS GO Hydro+ caffeine tablet is designed to replenish key minerals such as sodium lost during exercise through sweat and simultaneously give you a 75mg caffeine boost, which is said to help burn fat. The tablets will retail for £3.99 for 10 and up to £50.99 for 8×20 tablet packs.

The GO Gel + Caffeine Cola (£1.79 each or £53.70 for 30) also contains a 75mg caffeine boost and 21g of carbohydrates – a mixture designed to pep up energy levels and concentration during a hard training session or race.


The British company have added a chocolate and peanut protein-flavoured bar to its REGO range of exercise recovery products. Each 55g bar contains a 20g mixture of whey, casein and soy proteins and costs £1.99 or £39.80 for a box of 20.