Scott launches colourful commuters

More updates from the 2010 range

Following on from our report on Scott’s 2010 road, cyclocross and mountain bike range in Idaho, we travelled to Switzerland to see what else the Swiss company is offering next year. Besides the Plasma 3 time trial bike – which we got a close look at during this year’s Giro d’Italia – Scott has also updated its commuter line.


Scott is encouraging bike commuters to ‘bring colour to the city’ with its 2010 range of SUB (Speed Utility Bike) urban bikes. Out go muted grey, black and silver frames and in come vivid/lurid greens and blues. In an effort to get commuters to “switch from cars to bikes” the Swiss brand is also offering easy to fit guards and racks across the SUB and Sportster town ranges.

By far the most colourful machines are the bright green SUB 10 and blue SUB 30 models. Slightly more sober riders can opt for white, black or brown models. Scott says its new Urban Kit fender/carrier system is quick and easy to fit – four bolts for the rear and three for the front. The carrier is attached directly to the rear aluminium and plastic guard, but Scott insists that this new design is far stronger than similar systems.

Mudguards are a standard option: mudguards are a standard option
Rob Spedding/Cycling Plus

Mudguards are a standard option on the SUB 10

All of the bikes in the SUB range are made from 6061 alloy tubing and the range topping SUB 10 is fitted with Shimano’s excellent Alfine hub gears. A Nexus equipped SUB 35 sits further down the range, while the rest of the range uses Shimano derailleur sets.

Two different frame geometries are available also – the 10 and 30 are both available in ‘Solution’ spec which provides a slightly more upright riding position, lower standover height and a shorter top tube. Prices have yet to be confirmed.

Updated shoe range

The company has also paired down and developed its footwear range. Sitting at the top of the road tree is the ultra-lightweight Pro Race Team Issue which has a seamless construction and extremely stiff HMX carbon outsole. According to Scott the €250, size 42 Team Issue tips the scales at just 240g. It also has a new ‘ergologic’ insole, which is claimed to help your foot spread as you ride – this, says Scott, will prevent pinched nerves and increase long ride comfort.

Scott’s lightweight pro race team issue shoe: scott’s lightweight pro race team issue shoe
Rob Spedding/Cycling Plus

Scott’s Pro Race Team Issue shoe, which weighs in at 240g (per shoe) for a size 42.