Scottish Parliament to debate strict liability in favour of cyclists

Write to your MSP, urge campaigners

Scottish campaigners want strict liability to be introduced to favour cyclists

The Scottish Parliament will debate whether cyclists should be given the sway of the law if they’re in a collision with a car.


Campaigners north of the border want stricter liability added to civil law which will mean that if a cyclist of pedestrian is involved in a collision with a car in Scotland, the motorist is presumed liable by default.

Introducing the law would speed up the court claims process for injury, damages or loss, according to advocates of the law change, but because it is limited to civil law, it would have no impact on the premise of ‘innocent until proven guilty’.

Cycle Law Scotland, which has backing from the national branch of the CTC and Spokes, is urging Scots to write to their MSP asking them to attend the debate on 29 October.


Opponents to the reforms say it could promote a compensation culture.