Sea Otter 2011: Marzocchi ultralight Corsa 29 cross-country fork

Sneak preview of 80/100mm travel fork due out in September

Marzocchi offered up a sneak preview at the Sea Otter Classic of their new Corsa 29, an ultralight, 80/100mm-travel cross-country fork aimed at the 29er crowd that is set to be released this coming September. 


Target weight is just 1,590g (3.5lb) – the same as RockShox’s new SID 29 – largely thanks to a new one-piece carbon fiber steerer and crown.  The 32mm-diameter aluminum legs are nickel-plated to reduce friction and the cast magnesium lower legs will be offered with 15mm thru-axle dropouts exclusively.  Marzocchi plan to fill the structure with an air spring on one side and its TST Micro damper on the other with adjustable rebound, compression, and blowoff threshold.  An optional remote lockout lever is also likely to appear this fall.


Projected retail price for the Corsa 29 is a premium US$1,000 but Marzocchi also plan on releasing a second version with steel upper legs for a much more attainable US$599.  This version will of course be heavier – though probably not by a huge amount – but the steel stanchions should also boost stiffness, too.