Sea Otter 2011: RockShox offer SID 29

Subaru-Trek, Giant and Specialized racers on pre-production forks now

The whole of the Subaru-Trek team, along with Giant’s Carl Decker and Specialized’s Todd Wells, will be racing on the new RockShox SID 29 at the 2011 Sea Otter Classic.


The fork will be available for sale in late August and will likely be the lightest 29er suspension fork available. The new SID 29 World Cup knocks — at a minimum — a whopping 211g off of the current XX Reba 29er, which is the weight of a Monarch RT3 rear shock (165mm, no hardware) according to RockShox.

The fork tips the scales at 1,578g (3.48lb, claimed). However, the story gets even better as that weight includes the 15mm Maxle Lite through-axle and the X-Loc remote lever and hydraulic housing. “This is the one we’re offering the weight for,” said Jeremiah Boobar, RockShock suspension product manager. “This is a contemporary spec as appropriate stiffness makes all the difference. This is the fork people will want.”

The 15mm through axle is a must for today’s 29ers; even with it, the new chassis will save a minimum of 211g over anything available in the big wheel reba line:
Matt Pacocha

The Maxle Lite 15mm through-axle offers ‘contemporary’ performance to the new super-light big-wheel chassis

RockShox will also offer a 9mm quick-release version — for those who value ultimate weight savings over all else — and Keronite Grey finish, which together have the potential to knock over 100g of additional weight off the fork.

The new SID 29 shares design details with the current SID 26in fork including the option of a tapered carbon BlackBox crown and steerer, short (although sized for 29in wheels) 32mm upper tubes and matching recessed ‘hollow bottom’ lowers, which also incorporate drilled bushings, and the new scalloped Power Bulge bushing reinforcements incorporated into the lower castings.

SID 29’s lower legs feature the scalloped power bulge bushing reinforcement:
Matt Pacocha

The integrated brake housing boss and scalloped Power Bulge bushing reinforcements carry over from the current generation SID


The fork is internally adjustable between 80- and 100mm, and will be available with RockShox’s standard variety of dampers. Prices will range from US$750 to $1,190 depending on model and options; the former still saves 211g over the lightest Reba, while the latter – the bells and whistles SID 29 XX World Cup carbon fork pictured here – weighs 1,578g.