Seasucker’s suction-cup racks win UCI world championships

Brand secures three-year deal with UCI for vehicle bike racks

Seasucker makes bike racks with a unique suction-cup security system. At the UCI world championships that concluded Sunday with Peter Sagan taking his third road title, Seasucker provided racks for all the countries and neutral support.


Seasucker has a new 9-bike team rack that the company used earlier this year at Paris-Roubaix and other races with the WorldTour pro team Quick Step. That rack design saw peloton-wide use at the world championships.

Most cyclists have the same skeptical reaction to the Seasucker suction cups initially: ‘I don’t think I would trust my bike on that. Won’t it come off?

Seasucker’s team rack features four ready-to-ride bikes plus five bikes with fork mounts
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Thus, Seasucker staff were keen to show off the full-car team rack over the notoriously rough cobbles of Paris-Roubaix.

Now, race fans will be seeing a lot more of Seasucker, as the company has a three-year contract with the UCI to provide racks for all the vehicles in world road championships events.

How the Seasucker mount works

Each of the Seasucker suction pods are rated for a 200lb / 90kg load. 


The pods can be put on any nearly flat clean surface of a car’s exterior. To get it to stick, you depress a small integrated pump repeatedly until the orange portion of the pump is concealed inside the pod. 

To secure the Seasucker pods, you press the pump until the orange disappears
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media
The brand’s single-bike Talon rack ($300 / £250) has three pods.
To release, you pull up on a tab underneath the pump to break the seal.
Right now, Seasucker’s fork mounts ship with a 9mm quick-release connection, and an aftermarket kit can convert it for thru-axles. 
One big benefit to the system is how the suction cups forego the need for the traditional roofrack cross-bars mounted on side rails or towers. With a Seasucker, you can quickly put a rack wheverer you like, and remove it in a few seconds.
The single-bike Talon is the company’s most popular product
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media