The SeatyGo makes saddle theft a thing of the past (because there’s nothing to steal)

Quick-release saddle fits in your back pocket and helps keep your bum dry too

Animated gif of quick release saddle where top section comes away

The SeatyGo is a quirky quick-release saddle that aims to make saddle theft a thing of the past. 

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Made by Seatylock — the brand behind one of our favourite folding locks and that quirky lock–saddle mashup — the shell of the SeatyGo separates from its rails with the pull of a small lever under the nose of the saddle. 

In addition, in making your saddle unstealable (well, someone could pinch the rails, but why would they?), the SeatyGo solves the problem of returning to a sopping wet seat when you park your bike outside in the rain. 

The SeatyGo will launch on Kickstarter on 24 September, with pricing to be confirmed. It will be sold in three versions covering a range of rider types. The racy Dynamic model is flat, rigid and narrower and is aimed at experienced riders. 

The Urban is more sculpted (and seemingly wider, although Seatylock hasn’t published dimensions as yet), while the Ebike is a wide, hybrid-style design with a target market that’s pretty obvious. 

SeatyGo: a genuinely good idea or a silly gimmick?

At BikeRadar we see a lot of bad ideas seeking crowdfunding, but the SeatyGo actually makes a certain amount of sense as long as you don’t mind sticking your saddle in your backpack or pocket. 

Only the saddle's rails are left behind, an uninviting perch for potential thieves
Only the saddle’s rails are left behind, an uninviting perch for potential thieves.

Even if saddle theft and wet bottoms aren’t a major concern, a missing saddle should make your bike less desirable to opportunistic thieves — the naked saddle rails look like a torture device that only the most determined of ne’er-do-wells would attempt to ride. 

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Would you like a quick-release saddle? Head over to the Seatylock website if you’re interested in receiving updates on the SeatyGo.