Sell your old bike this week – guaranteed

Social enterprise will make offers of up to £300

Going Going Bike

Auction website Going Going Bike is offering users guaranteed bids on their bikes during Team Green Britain Bike Week (18-26 June). If you list your bike this week and it isn’t sold by 7 July, Bikeworks – a social enterprise based in East London that uses bikes to tackle environmental, social and economic challenges – will make you an offer of up to £300.


Site creator James Johnson said: “Most homes have at least one bike they’ve been meaning to sell. This is a great opportunity to clear some space, make some cash and potentially help out a great social enterprise too!”


Going Going Bike, established a year ago, is an eBay-style site which deals only in bikes. It operates via a “Prove It” system which puts the onus on the seller to prove the bike they’re selling isn’t stolen. For more information on the offer, visit their website.