Sena Bluetooth Audio Pack adds voice recording for GoPro cameras

Wireless add-on allows for on-the-fly commentary

Ever wanted to add some color commentary while recording video clips? Bluetooth audio specialist Sena Technologies has announced a new add-on for GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ cameras that allows you to overlay additional audio feeds on to your videos in real time with no extra editing required.


Sena’s new Bluetooth Audio Pack plugs directly into the back of a GoPro Hero 3 or Hero 3+ camera, replacing the optional LCD touchscreen with a Bluetooth-enabled microphone bridge that pairs with any compatible headset or microphone. Once set up, users will then be able to narrate video clips as they’re recorded from as far as 100 meters away.

According to Sena, the Bluetooth Audio Pack can also handle multiple Bluetooth audio feeds when set up in an intercom system.

The system uses an additional USB plug to connect the GoPro camera and Bluetooth Audio Pack so stock cases will no longer work. Naturally, though, Sena offers its own compatible versions in both waterproof or open air configurations.


Retail price for the Bluetooth Audio Pack is US$99 / €99 / AU$99 including the standard frame case or US$129 / €129 / AU$129 with the waterproof housing. 

The sena technologies bluetooth audio pack plugs directly into the back of the gopro hero3 and connects to any bluetooth-enabled headset or microphone: