Serfas TSL-750 and USB-TL80 lights – just in

Super-bright USB rechargeable bike lights

Serfas have a strong reputation for offering performance bike lights at fair prices. For 2014, they have a range of new models that seek to put advances in LED technology to good use.


BikeRadar have just received two of the new lights – the TSL-750 and USB-TL80. At US$160/AUD$179.99 and US$75/AUD$89.99 respectively, they are expected to be available come October (UK pricing TBA).

The Serfas TSL-750 is a fully concealed, USB rechargeable front light that sits above the current range-topper, the TSL-500+. With Cree XM-L LEDs that output a claimed 750 lumens, brightness is impressive given the unit’s size and price. The beam features an even flood of light in the centre, with a halo for peripheral vision – and, thankfully, no nasty hotspot.

The TSL-750’s bar mount is secure and offers tool-free installation/removal, as does the helmet mount. At 199g, the light seems solid and built to last. At the full 750 lumens, our sample lasted for exactly the claimed 1.5 hours before it shifted to a reserve mode for a further 30 minutes.

The serfas tsl-750 includes a helmet mount. serfas have used this mount for years with previous models:
David Rome/Future Publishing

The Serfas TSL-750 includes a helmet mount

Moving to the rear, the USB-TL80 raises the bar and sits above the popular Serfas Thunderbolt. At 80 lumens, the TL80 is a punchy unit with impressive visibility. It weighs 58g and measures 58mm long and 40m wide – a decent size considering the brightness.

The mode button on the face of the TL80 doubles as a charge indicator, and is easy to use with gloves on. Battery life is impressive for the output, lasting 2 hours on solid beam and well over 6 hours on the fastest flash mode.

You get almost 180 degrees of visibility with the serfas tl80:
David Rome/Future Publishing

You get almost 180 degrees of visibility with the TL80

The TL80 can be clipped to clothing, bolted to a pannier or strapped to a frame/seatpost with the rubber mount, which features angle adjustment. This is certainly a pricy rear light, but it’s immense brightness will please many.


Both models move to micro-USB charge ports and include the necessary recharging cable. For more information see