Shane Warne in road dispute with Melbourne cyclist

Cricketer says car bonnet was "whacked" at lights; bike wrecked, says cyclist

Warne (left) at the recent unveiling of his bronze statue outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground

Former Australian test cricketer Shane Warne has become embroiled in a war of words with a Melbourne cyclist, who he accused of holding onto his car at a traffic light junction, striking his bonnet before intentionally blocking his and other motorists path.


Warne took to Twitter to vent his frustrations at the cyclist, who he later reported to the police. While stating he wasn’t against cyclists, he said there are “one or two out there who are ruining it for everyone” and urged his government to do something about the situation. Though he didn’t suggest what this something should be, he reckons all riders should pay rego (registration), which would have allowed him to take the bike’s number plate.

However, his recollection of events differs wildly from that of the cyclist. Speaking to Australian newspaper The Age, the cyclist, who wished to remain anonymous, said he passed by his stationary Mercedes at the busy intersection only for Warne to yell: “You don’t own the road, get out of the way” (Warne claimed he had said “hey buddy, what the hell are you doing”, before being verbally abused). The cyclist said that Warne then lurched forward, forcing his bike wheel – and almost his leg – under the front of the car. He then had to carry his damaged bike to the police station to report the incident.

While he initially had no interest in “dragging (Warne’s) name through the mud”, after seeing his tweets, it said it would have been negligent not to offer his side. ”I just do not like the idea of his fabricating stories,” he said, adding he just wanted him to acknowledge what he’d done and pay for the repairs.


After reading the cyclist’s account in the press, Warne again took to Twitter to dispute it and try and put the matter to bed. “Have just seen bike riders version of events, please buddy – whatever! I’m not going to get into a 5 year old tit for tat. Ps we both know what happened & people next to me shook their head at your actions! Enough – all move on please!