Shaving your legs makes you faster

According to Specialized's wind tunnel data, anyway

Riding with hairy legs slows you down, so says Specialized's wind tunnel

The question why do cyclists shave their legs? is an enduring one in the world of (predominantly) road cycling. Answers given range from ‘it helps with massage’, ‘treatment of road rash’ to ‘everyone else does it’. But surprisingly, no one appears to have seriously investigated whether it actually does make you faster.


Specialized has now done so, thanks to its in-house wind tunnel, which they also used to show that a beard makes no difference to your aerodynamic drag. But the results of this test will change your life to a greater degree than 17 Upworthy articles*.

In cycling terms, Specialized reckons you can save around 70 seconds on average over 40km by shaving your legs. In financial terms, it means you can buy back that kidney that you sold to pay for your new aero road bike, and instead shell out for a couple of disposable razors.

shaving your legs makes you faster – specialized

Video: Specialized uses its wind tunnel to show that shaving your legs makes you faster


*Made-up stat