Shimano’s 2020 range includes gravel and e-bike specific shoes, plus clothing updates

New aero and women’s cycling kit, plus shoes for road, track, gravel, e-bikes and more

Shimano Sumire

Shimano has announced its 2020 clothing and shoe ranges and they include, among other things, shoes specifically aimed at e-bikers, gravel lovers and track riders.


It seems Shimano is keen to cover every riding niche, and the brand has also announced various updates to its S-Phyre, Evolve and Sumire road kit ranges.

E-bike “touring” shoes might not be the most exciting sounding product, but they’re a sign of the times as the ongoing electric takeover of the continental bike market continues.

Likewise, every brand has to have a few gravel-specific products in its range, and the RX8 gravel shoe is hardly a surprise from a company that so recently went all-in on gravel with the launch of its GRX components.

The new product debuts as Eurobike 2019 gets underway. Here are our highlights from Shimano’s long list of 2020 clothing and footwear.

New 2020 Shimano clothing highlights

2020 Shimano S-Phyre race wear

Shimano S-Phyre
S-Phyre is Shimano’s premium range of cycling kit, designed for racing.
  • S-Phyre is Shimano’s premium range of cycling kit, designed for the demands of elite racing
  • The S-Phyre jerseys use Shimano’s Taiana Drag-Zero dimpled fabric on the front, sleeves and shoulders
  • The S-Phyre bib shorts are constructed using Kinetech woven fabric, which are said to offer both lighter weight and better water repellency than shorts made using traditional knitted fabrics

The kit has a snug, racy fit that Shimano claims offers lower drag and provides an element of compression. While the jury is still out on the effectiveness of compression garments, Shimano claims it supports riders’ muscles and helps circulation and recovery.

Shimano also claims that the new shorts perform best, in terms of drag, between speeds of 36km/h and 120km/h, a range that we’re confident most BikeRadar readers occupy for the majority of their riding.

2020 Shimano Evolve kit

Shimano 2020 Evolve range
Shimano’s 2020 Evolve range features reflective detailing and increased storage space.
  • Shimano’s Evolve range is its second tier road collection, designed for performance and comfort on long rides
  • The Evolve jersey is constructed from Shimano’s Sensitive Plus fabric, which is rated at UPF50+ for sun protection
  • New for 2020 is the addition of extra pockets on both the jersey and bib shorts for greater storage capacity than before

Less racy than the S-Phyre range, the Evolve range promises a more relaxed fit, more storage space and incorporates reflective elements throughout.

The jersey features laser-cut vent holes, strategically placed to increase airflow, and a lightweight mesh inner that functions like a baselayer. Supposedly, this helps to wick moisture away from the skin to help keep the rider dry and comfortable.

2020 women’s-specific Sumire kit

Shimano’s 2020 Sumire range
Four new colourways and designs are available for Shimano’s 2020 Sumire range.
  • Sumire is Shimano’s women’s specific kit range
  • An anatomical design focusing on the shoulders, chest and side panels
  • The jersey is constructed using fabric with UPF50+ sun protection, and reflective elements for low-light visibility

Four new colourways and designs are available for 2020, in a cut specifically designed for women.

New Shimano 2020 footwear highlights

2020 RC9T S-Phyre track shoe (SH-RC901T)

RC9T track shoe
The RC9T track shoe has beefed up uppers and a stronger BOA closure system.
  • The same base as Shimano’s S-Phyre RC9 road shoe
  • Reinforced upper and ‘power boost wire guide closure system’
  • Single low profile BOA L6 dial that allows room across the rest of the shoe for the toe straps

Perhaps designed with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in mind, it only comes in a rather wild metallic blue — I’m sure we won’t have any problem spotting it once it’s in use.

Created specifically for track sprinters and pursuit riders Shimano says the reinforced uppers and new closure system help to minimise foot movement and provide greater control of the riders’ power transmission.

2020 RC5 Road competition shoe (SH-RC502)

Shimano RC5 road shoe
Taking inspiration from the top of the range Shimano RC9 road shoe, the RC5 shoe brings many of its features at a more wallet friendly price.
  • Based on the RC9 road
  • Carbon reinforced sole and a single BOA dial closure system
  • Seamless, wrap-around construction of the RC9, which integrates the uppers with the sole for lower stack height

Another shoe taking inspiration from the top of the range Shimano RC9 road shoe, the RC5 brings many of its features at a more wallet-friendly price.

A women’s-specific design is available in white or navy, but the ‘unisex’ (i.e. the men’s) version comes in black, white or the lairy blue colourway of the RC9, which we think looks particularly fantastic.

Women’s specific RC5 shoe
A women’s specific RC5 shoe is available in navy or white.

2020 XC5 Cross-country shoe (SH-XC501)

Shimano XC5 shoe
The new XC5 shoe offers trickle down technology from the XC9, at a more economical price point.
  • Trickle down technology from the S-Phyre XC9
  • BOA dial closure system
  • Michelin sole

As with the RC5 road shoe, it boasts a more economical price point and is available in either bright blue or black. There is also a women’s specific design available in navy.

Shimano XC5
The women’s version of the XC5 comes in a more restrained navy.

2020 RX8 Gravel shoe (SH-RX800)

Shimano RX8 gravel-specific shoe
The RX8 is a new, gravel-specific shoe from Shimano.
  • Single BOA dial closure system
  • Carbon composite sole
  • Saves weight over Shimano’s XC shoes by dropping spike mounts and having a smaller heel cup

Hot on the heels of its GRX gravel groupset, Shimano’s RX8 Gravel shoe looks to bridge that gap in the market between road and off-road.

It’s either a lightweight XC shoe or a beefed up road shoe, probably depending on which side of the fence you’re looking from.

Available in more restrained black or silver colourways, there’s also a women’s specific model in navy.

2020 ET5 E-bike Touring shoe

Shimano ET5 shoe
Shimano’s ET5 shoe is available in three different colourways for men, including this eye-catching blue and green.
  • Designed to appeal to more casual, urban e-bike riders
  • Stiff, flat sole designed to increase pedalling efficiency over a standard training shoe
  • Rubber outsole and tread to help with grip on the pedals and uneven ground

The new ET5 is a versatile shoe for commuting, trekking and more general use. It has a stiffer, flat sole (compared to a standard training shoe), which Shimano claims helps increase pedalling efficiency and reduce fatigue.

The ET5 will be available in three colourways for men and two for women.

Shimano ET5 E shoe
Shimano’s ET5 E shoe is available in two different colourways for women, including this two-tone blue.

Shimano 2020 clothing and footwear, pricing and availability

Shimano’s full range of clothing and footwear is on show at Eurobike 2019.


Pricing and availability to be confirmed, but we will update this article as soon as that information becomes available.