Shimano Deore 2013-2014 MTB groupset – details revealed

Clutch mechs and Ice Tech technology trickle down

Shimano have released two new versions of their Deore groupset for 2013-2014, providing componentry for both mountain and trekking bikes. We take a closer look at the new mountain bike components below.



The new Deore group – in typical Shimano fashion – makes use of technology that’s trickled down from the company’s higher-end components. Most notably, Shimano’s Shadow Plus clutch technology has been introduced as an option to rear derailleurs at Deore level.

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Shadow Plus is Shimano’s way of using friction, via a clutch mechanism, to resist the forward movement of a derailleur cage. Including it at Deore level should mean more effective chain retention and more consistent shifting for the masses.

Shimano RD-M615-GS
Shimano rd-m615-gs: shimano rd-m615-gs

Shadow Plus tech is now available at Deore level

Last year, Shimano made the shift to 10-speed Deore, and this still stands for 2013. Both medium and long cage derailleurs are available, with the Shadow RD+ clutch mech technology as an option too.

Deore chainsets are all change for 2013 – they now mimic the current XT and SLX lineup by offering the same double and triple options. An all-new Dyna-Sys compact triple ratio has also been developed specifically for 650b/29er wheels – with a unique 40-30-22t ring combination.

Front derailleurs will be available for both double and triple setups, with top and down swing options and a choice of clamp band or direct-mount fitments.

Shimano FC-M612 chainset
Shimano fc-m612 chainset:

Shimano have developed a compact triple setup for 650b/29er bikes


Deore’s hydraulic discs get a caliper redesign for 2013/2014, so they’re now compatible with Shimano’s Ice Tech pads. This should make for improved power and cooling, but riders will have to buy the pad upgrade on top, as they aren’t standard fit. 

Shimano BR-M615 brake caliper complete with SM-RT68 rotor and Ice Tech pads
Shimano br-m615 brake caliper complete with sm-rt68 rotor and ice tech pads:

Shimano’s new Deore disc caliper can accept Ice Tech pads as an upgrade

As far as rotors are concerned, Shimano’s new SM-RT68 Center Lock design is now claimed to match the heat dissipation of more expensive XT models. It’s available in 160, 180 and 203mm sizes and uses Shimano’s Center Lock mounting standard.


Shimano’s Deore hubs look set to stay a popular option. As usual, the brand have stuck with a cup and cone bearing design, for easy adjustment and cost-effective maintenance. Customers can choose between 15mm front and 142x12mm bolt-thru rear options, while a dedicated 142x12mm E-Thru axle is now also available. Quick-release versions are still available, of course, and all variations will support a 9- or 10-speed cassette.

Meanwhile, it’s not strictly Deore, but a new Shimano wheelset sits at about that level. The MT35 is available in 26in, 650b and 29in sizes and features a 24/28 spoke count. The front hub is available in 15mm with an E-Thru axle or a standard quick-release skewer. These are Center Lock standard and come with six choices of rim sticker.

Shimano WH-MT35
Shimano wh-mt35: shimano wh-mt35

Shimano’s MT35 wheelset isn’t Deore branded but will be pitched at that price point


Most components are available in a silver or black finish, and original parts will start rolling out from August 2013, so expect stock to be available shortly after that. Check out our image gallery for more details, and for more information on Shimano products.