Shimano has FINALLY made a quick-link for its chain

11-speed link joins chains like it ain't no thang

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After years insisting on the use of joining pins for its chains rather than more convenient missing links, Shimano has finally relented and made a quick-link of its own.

Codenamed the SM-CN900-11, the new link functions exactly like those sold by KMC, SRAM and others – two halves snap together, and splitting the link is best done with a dedicated pair of missing link pliers.

The Shimano quick-link is sold in sets of two
Oli Woodman / Immediate Media

The new quick-link bears the ‘product of Japan’ legend of Shimano’s higher end groupsets. It is compatible with all Shimano 11-speed chains, and officially, it is not reusable.

If you’re already carrying around a multitool that includes a chain-splitter then sticking a spare quick-link in your saddle bag is a bit of a no brainer. It means that a broken chain doesn’t have to put a stop to your riding. 

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A pair of Shimano quick-links, (i.e. two whole links, or four halves) retails at £11.99, and is available to buy immediately. Pricing in other territories is to be confirmed.