Shimano road clothing – first look

Soft goods from the component king

With its position in the components market long secured, Shimano has been dabbling in clothing, bags and even sunglasses in recent years. Here are three new jerseys from the Japanese giant, the Accu-3D aero jersey, the Mirror Cool jersey with heat-reflective technology, and the mesh Hot Condition jersey.


After doing rides in all three, we like the the Accu-3D the most, primarily because the sleeves are longer and it features a single-layer construction that stays in place. The other two jerseys double over the sleeve material, and the sleeves ride up and bind when in the riding position. All three seem to fit better on longer torsos.

Australian readers please note that Shimano Australia does not currently carry Shimano clothing, as the company is focusing expanding the presence of its Pearl Izumi brand. Shimano began selling clothing eight years ago, a little before it purchased Pearl Izumi in early 2008. UK readers please note that UK pricing was not immediately available.

Accu-3D jersey

On the US$110 Accu-3D jersey (and the others), the angled side pockets make access easier, but we felt they billowed just a touch when descending in a tuck. Nothing cartoonish — it’s not like they filled up with air like parachutes — but we could feel the Accu-3D seams flapping on our back. In these situations we were grateful to have a zippered pocket in which to safely stow our iPhone. That zippered pocket has a water-resistant layer on the body side to protect against sweat, but nothing on the outside to protect against rain.

Relfective elements are integrated into the design: relfective elements are integrated into the design
Caleb Delaney / Immediate Media

Reflective elements are incorporated into the design to add safety without looking silly in the daytime. We like the fit of the sleeves on the Accu-3D

Also, the Accu-3D jersey is cut for the riding position; when on the bike, the back fabric near the shoulders stays flat and smooth.

Mirror Cool jersey

The US$89 Mirror Cool jersey uses fabric coated with a heat-reflecting ceramic treatment, similar to Schoeller’s coldblack technology that is used by clothing companies like Pearl Izumi, Pactimo, Endura and Hincapie.

The mirror cool jersey’s fabric is coating with a heat-reflective ceramic treatment: the mirror cool jersey’s fabric is coating with a heat-reflective ceramic treatment
Caleb Delaney / Immediate Media

Hot Condition jersey

The US$80 Hot Condition jersey uses healthy portions of mesh material, but, oddly, doubles up the fabric on the sleeves and the neck. We found the sleeves would bind slightly, and the extra fabric was noticeable in the heat. Again, we’d recommend the Accu-3D of the three.

The hot condition jersey’s pockets are downright cavernous: the hot condition jersey’s pockets are downright cavernous
Ben Delaney / Immediate Media

Shimano is generous with both mesh and pockets on the Hot Condition