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Shimano S-Phyre and Aerolite glasses redesigned for aerodynamics and fashion

Both pairs of cycling glasses feature Ridescape lens

Woman wearing Shimano S-Phyre eyewear.

Shimano has released the second generation of its S-Phyre and Aerolite eyewear models.


The glasses can be used as cycling sunglasses, but the lens can be switched out for one of six alternatives. Shimano says this provides riders with options for everything between “extremely sunny days” and “dimming light”.

Regardless of light levels, all lenses use Shimano’s ‘Ridescape’ technology. Similar to the Prizm lenses on the best Oakley sunglasses, this technology is said to boost visibility and details that would otherwise be washed out “become more clearly defined, vibrant, and vivid”.

Following Shimano’s naming conventions, the S-Phyre glasses sit at the top of its range. The Aerrolites are billed as glasses at a “modest price for the everyday rider”.

The glasses feature RX clips so they can be converted into prescription cycling glasses.

Shimano S-Phyre Eyewear

The Shimano S-Phyre glasses have aerodynamic temples.

The Shimano S-Phyre Eyewear glasses are said to feature a straight upper rim with aerodynamic temples, following the speed-increasing claims we saw with the POC Propel glasses.

Shimano says the temples have a non-slip pattern for a secure fit and comfort.

The interchangeable lenses are held in place with magnets. Shimano says this makes switching between and cleaning the lenses fast and easy.

The glasses come with one of Shimano’s six lenses plus a spare clear lens.

Shimano says the glasses are suitable for road, trail and gravel riding.

They have a claimed weight of 29.3g and are available in five colours.

The S-Phyre Eyewear glasses cost £169.99 / $220. International pricing is yet to be confirmed.

Shimano Aerolite Eyewear

The Shimano Aerolite glasses are said to bring together fashion and function.

The Aerolite Eyewear glasses have been used at world cup cyclocross races this season, and we imagine they will likely appear at the Cyclocross World Championships starting this Friday.

Shimano says the glasses “live at the crossroads of function and fashion”, with the half-rim design not obstructing your view and also providing a “stylish look”.

The glasses come with a Photochromic Gray lens or Ridescape HC lens, which are said to boost contrast and sharpen surface details.

The glasses come in five colours and have a claimed weight of 26g.

The Aerolite Eyewear glasses cost £69.99 / $70 / AU$99.95 with a Ridescape HC lens or $100 / AU$149.95 with the Photochromic Gray lens. UK pricing is yet to be confirmed for the Photochromic Gray model.

Shimano Ridescape lenses

The Shimano Ridescape ES lens for bright conditions.

The Shimano Ridescape lens range consists of six lenses for different types of riding and conditions:

  • Ridescape ES is suitable for bright sun, reducing strain on your eyes and emphasising differences in the ground’s texture.
  • Ridescape HC is for daylight riding, boosting the contrast of tarmac and making colours richer, giving you a clearer view.
  • Ridescape RD is for all-round road use, reducing eye strain and enhancing colours.
  • Ridescape GR is for gravel riding, said to boost the contrast between a variety of surfaces, including gravel, dirt and tarmac.
  • Ridescape OR is for trail riding, with the lens said to be suitable for riding in and out of shade, highlighting rocks, roots, stumps and gaps.
  • Ridescape CL is for riding in darker conditions, with the lens said to boost light transmittance for better vision in dark, cloudy and wet conditions. There is an anti-reflection coating to reduce headlight glare.