Shimano’s SPD 25th anniversary continues with blue XTR pedals

New release of limited edition pedals and shoes

Having introduced the SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) clipless pedal system in 1990, Shimano is celebrating its 25th anniversary for what remains the most widely used (and imitated) clipless pedal system available. In January, Shimano released details of limited edition M530 pedals and SH-M163G shoes to be sold as a package. Today, Shimano announce another limited release with very blue XTR pedals and M200 shoes (sold separately).

The pedals appear to include some special packaging too : the pedals appear to include some special packaging too

Limited edition 25th anniversary M990 Race and M995 Trail pedals

The limited edition blue XTR pedals are functionally the same as the current XTR M9000 Race (M990) and M9020 Trail (M995) models. Introduced with XTR 11-speed last year, these pedals offer improved foot stability with a wider pedal platform, while a thinner axle provides increased mud shedding to the previous M980 model.

The limited edition m200 enduro/trail shoes : the limited edition m200 enduro/trail shoes

Blue M200 are another limited release

The limited edition M200 shoes are a blue version of the aggressive trail/enduro shoe released last year. Built with a grippy tread, the M200s use a ‘Torbal’ sole designed to be stiff under pedaling power, but flexible for maneuvering the bike on descents.


Shimano Australia will be shipping the limited edition M990/M995 pedals (AU$220) and M200 shoes (AU$229) to dealers this week. UK and US pricing and availability is to be confirmed.