Sidi updates spinning shoe

Models for men and women

Stuck riding indoors? Popular Italian shoe maker Sidi has updated its Sidi MTB Indoor shoe, developed specifically to maximise indoor training performance, particularly for spinning.


Compared to training on a bicycle or pedalling on a training machine, where the athlete uses his personal bike, spinning usually requires using a different spin-bike for each training session. People who take spinning seriously know that they will be using different machines adapted to various personal parameters.  One of the most important details in a spinning regime is footwear. According to Sidi, its MTB Indoor shoe enables the athlete to fuse with the spin-bike, guaranteeing a more solid grip on the pedals that allow for maximum exertion of power during spinning.

The Sidi MTB Indoor has uppers made from synthetic leather and nylon webbing, featuring a MTB competition sole that can easily be used even outdoors for mountain bike riding.

The new sidi mtb indoor spinning shoe for women.: the new sidi mtb indoor spinning shoe for women.
Sidi Sport

According to Sidi, the reinforced heel, detailed with two reflective spoilers and sealed with two Velcro straps, makes the MTB Indoor a safe and comfortable shoe. Available in black, in sizes 36 to 50. Also available in a women’s specific model, MTB Indoor Woman, available in white, sizes 36 to 43, with a last that conforms to the feminine foot. Retail is US $179.


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