Signposts turn brand new segregated cycle path into obstacles course

Signposts buried in shared use paths attract local anger

A brand new cycle path built near a supermarket has been branded an obstacle course thanks to signposts and a junction box sunk into the virgin tarmac.    


The new post-studded segregated path outside a new Sainsbury’s in Leicester, includes a sign telling users they’re on a shared pedestrian and cycling path. The post has been placed on a corner beside a junction and campaigners say it is in a dangerous spot.

Campaigners are angry at misplaced signs in new bike path

Video: new ‘danger’ cycle paths in Leicester

David Warnock from the Leicester Cycling Campaign Group said: “I cannot believe how anyone can position these posts as they have done.

“The positioning of the posts and obstacles in the pathways means that cyclists are in real danger of hitting these obstacles.

“They have spent millions on this development so I think they could spend a few more pounds to take these obstacles out and reposition them so as not to block the paths.”

Sainsbury’s is reviewing the junctions, reports the Leicester Mercury.

And in a similar case on the A10 in Cambridgshire, a telegraph pole was left in situ as a cycle path was built around it. Red and white building site tape has been wound around the post.

One cyclist, Andrew Fowler has already hit the heavy wooden pole. He labelled it a “council cock-up”, reported the Cambridge News, after the authority spent a reputed £300,000 building the cycle track.

Fowler said: “For the amount of money couldn’t they have moved it to the grass? I think they’re scrimping and saving too much. It’s dangerous, especially in the dark.”

Cambridgeshire County Council said it will be moved as soon as possible.


Cases of poorly built cycle facilities are all too common, as anyone who has browsed the Warrington Cycle Campaign’s tragicomic Cycle Facility of the Month website will know.