Silca introduces the Seat Capsule Premio

A Boa-enabled, hard sided seat bag

Silca has been on a roll with loads of new products lately, and the 101-year-old company’s latest offering is this Seat Capsule Premio seat bag. 


Silca Seat Capsule Premio specs

  • Thermoformed shell
  • 36 cu in / 600 cu cm
  • Can hold two 700 x 30mm tubes / one 29 x 2.35in tube
  • Boa system for securing
  • Two internal dividers for CO2 cartridge, tire levers, multi-tool
The interior has dividers for tire levers, CO2 cartridges and a multi-tool

Dropper post compatible

Dropper posts are becoming more and more common, even gravel bikes have them now. So, Silca has designed the Seat Capsule Premio to be compatible with up/down posts. 

A seat rail guard lets the Boa closure snug the Seat Capsule Premio tight to the saddle without needing a strap around the seatpost. Without a strap on the post, the seatpost can then be lowered to its full travel.

A Boa system snugs the Seat Capsule Premio to the saddle rails

Different than a seat roll

According to Silca, opening and closing the bag while it’s still attached to the saddle is the key difference between a seat bag and a seat roll, with the thermoformed shell offering more structure than a seat roll. 

Two 700 x 30mm road tubes, or one 29 x 2.35in MTB tube plus the necessary tools are claimed to fit inside

Silca Seat Capsule Premio pricing and availability

The Seat Capsule Premio is available now at Silca’s site. Retail for the seat bag is $46, with international pricing still to be confirmed.