Silca releases limited edition pump and tool kit

Storied brand celebrates a century of lust-worthy tools

The storied pump and tool manufacturer Silca is celebrating its centennial with a limited edition HX-One tool kit and Pista floor pump.


Anniversary HX-One Tool Kit

Only 100 of the anniversary HX-One Tool Kits will be produced

The HX One tool kit includes 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.5 and 2mm hex wrenches. The hex wrenches are constructed from chrome-plated S-2 tool steel and feature easy to grip textured polymer handles.

In addition to the set of hex wrenches, Silca includes its 17-4 magnetic adapter that turns the 6mm key into a 1/4in socket drive. This allows it to be used with any 1/4in driver bit.

Silca includes six Torx bits (T8, T10, T15, T20, T25, and T30) two Philips heads, and two flat heads with the kit.

The limited edition has the same tools as the standard kit, housed in a walnut box

This limited edition of the HX-One kit comes encased in heartwood of American walnut box with Silca’s centennial emblem hand painted on a stainless steel plate.

Pricing is set at $185 / £145 / AU$240.

Anniversary Pista Floor Pump

The limited edition Silca Pista comes with a travel bag

The limited edition floor pump features an ash handle with grooves double grooves to secure the hose. The full-metal design hearkens back to the original Pista pump with a more precise gauge, which Silca claims has an accuracy of+/-3 percent. The base has been enlarged for better stability. 

The ash handle secures the hose, just like the original

Silca includes a travel bag with this limited edition pump. 

Pricing is set at $199 / £155 / AU$299.


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