Silca’s Bluetooth mini-pump is here to find your perfect pressure

New pump relays air pressure data to your smartphone

Bluetooth connectivity is everywhere these days. This wireless technology is often used to link power meters, ear buds, GPS devices and action cameras to cyclists’ smartphones. But do we really need to bring mini-pumps into the digital age? The inflation experts at Silca think so.


Silca’s Tattico Bluetooth is a new mini-pump that uses a Bluetooth-enabled sensor to relay air pressure data to your smartphone while you fix your flat. The sensor housed in the Tattico’s 6061 aluminum body is powered by an easily-sourced CR2030 coin battery.  

Silca’s free app connecting the pump to the user’s smartphone is called iGauge. Despite the Apple-esque name, iGauge is available for Android as well as iPhone owners.

With a max pressure of 120psi, the Tattico Bluetooth is targeted at road and gravel riders. Silca claims the accuracy of the pump is within +/-2%.

The Tattico Bluetooth will begin shipping at the end of August. Pricing is set a $120 / £95 / AU$155, which is slightly more than double the price of the analog Tattico.

You don’t have to guess or squint to sort our your tire pressure with the iGauge app

While some cyclists may be quick to scoff at the integration of Bluetooth into a mini-pump, there are some possible upsides. The larger, easy to read gauge could mean older cyclists don’t need to break out the bifocals. Precise tire pressure readings could be a hit with picky cyclocross racers. A high volume/low-pressure version of this pump could also be useful for fat bike riders. 


Who knows, maybe this new world of Bluetooth-enabled pumping will lead to inflation competitions on Strava. King of the pump, anyone?